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Business management

The company’s CEO and group chief executive are responsible for the ongoing operations of both the parent company and the group. The CEO leads the group management, which makes decisions in joint consultation with other management staff. The group management consisted of five people.

The Audit Committee consists of three board members: Lars Linder Aronson (Chairman), Carl Lewenhaupt and Kicki Walje-Lund. The Compensation Committee consists of the board members Kicki Walje-Lund (Chairman) and John Wattin.

The group management performs regular reviews of the operations under the leadership of the CEO. The parent company’s (Betsson AB’s) operations consist of managing and administrating the company’s investments and evaluating potential new acquisitions or divestments. The group’s gaming operations are conducted on Malta, with its own board of directors which handles operating decisions concerning Betsson´s gaming operations and with its own operating management group.

Betsson Malta Ltd´s board work independently of Betsson AB. The board has delegated the operative responsibility for the company to the CEO and president of Betsson Malta.

Magnus Silfverberg


CEO and President Betsson AB

Born: 1973

Employed in the group since 2009. CEO and President since 5th of July 2011. Prior Magnus was CEO of BML Group Ltd.

Other assignments: Board Member of several internal companies. Chairman of BOS Industry Association for Online Gaming.

Background: Before beginning at Betsson, Magnus worked within the IT industry for ten years, holding positions at, among others, Hewlett- Packard and Accenture. Magnus has an MBA from INSEAD and a degree in business and economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Shareholding: 27 500 Class B shares, 40 000 warrants.

Fredrik Ruden


CFO, Betsson AB

Born: 1970

Employed in the group since 2008.

Other assignments:  Board Member of several internal companies.

Background: Before Fredrik started at Betsson he had various positions at Ernst and Young, Industri AB Kinnevik, Hallvard Leröy AS and Teligent. Fredrik has a bachelor's degree in Business Law and a Master of economics from Mälardalen University.

Shareholding: 30 000 warrants.

Malin sparf rydberg

Malin Sparf Rydberg  

Director of Communications, Betsson AB

Born: 1969

Employed in the group since 2014.

Background: Malin has previously worked as Director of Communications for Friends Arena and also has an extensive experience from Tele2, where she has been holding positions such as Sustainability Director and Information Director. Malin has a Diploma in Business Administration, DIHM, from IHM Business school.

Shareholding: 650 Class B Shares.

Ulrik Bengtsson


CEO, BML Group Ltd

Born: 1972

Employed in the group since 2012.

Other assignments:  Board Member of several internal companies.

Background: Ulrik has been working with consumer service during the last 12 years, most recently as CEO of MTG's pay-tv operations in Eastern Europe and before that CEO of Viasat in Sweden. Ulrik has a Bcomm from Dalhousie University, Canada.

Shareholding: 3 000 Class B shares, 50 000 warrants.

Martin Thorvaldsson


Group General Counsel, CEO BSG ltd,

Born: 1970

Employed in the group since 2010.

Other assignments: Board Member of several internal companies.

Background: Before working for Betsson Martin worked 13 years at Boss Media AB (later GTECH / Lottomatica). Martin has a Master of Law from Lund University.

Shareholding: 8 267 Class B shares, 30 000 warrants.

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