A Drug Free Society

Betsson supports Riksförbundet Ett Narkotikafritt Samhälle (RNS) since the organization is working with an issue that unfortunately affects all social groups. Betsson is aware of the need to constantly work for increased awareness about the risks of drugs.

RNS is a nonprofit organization that has existed for over 40 years. RNS is working with political influence of a restrictive drug policy which includes drug-free schools, traffic and workplace.

RNS has for many years been running the project "A drug-free school" which aims to develop the prevention of drugs in schools. The focus has always been on development of policies and action plans. RNS also provide support for school staff in the shape of lectures and consultations on cannabis and other drugs.

More information about Riksförbundet Narkotikafritt Samhälle can be found here.


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