Last updated: 2014-10-21

Corporate governance

Sound corporate governance and control supports stable growth

Betsson has developed strongly in the recent years. A contributing factor to the development has been a good balance between ambition and control of details. For our part, good corporate governance is about maintaining a dynamic and forward striving culture in which individuals are rewarded and appreciated for their efforts and where risks are managed on a commercial basis. A company like Betsson which operates in a fast and dynamic environment must be able to move quickly and therefore every employee must have room to act independently within established limits. That is a good example of how good governance and control enhances the commercial performance of a company.

Pontus Lindwall, Chairman of the board 


Betsson applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, a body of regulations based on the framework of internal control issued by the Committee of the Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO). More information is available in the Annual Report.

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